I feel very optimistic about this project but at the same time I feel very confused because this is my first time experience of 20 time however, this blog will be do every week so by time these process should become easier as school goes by. My main plan for 20 times is to create a program or maybe a little community in which people express their feeling anonymously. Feelings are one of the most difficult topics to talk about it and it leaves them vulnerable when its not expressed. People fear that it makes them look unattractive because its what they deeply feel from the inside and most people are unsecured showing who they really are from the inside because they fear that it will drive others away. Those who have difficult times expressing their feeling are probably harmed a lot, and 100 percent of the times they'll just wish for a better tomorrow. After making this program i feel like people would act more of themselves rather than being like an image that they project this is really not truly them.


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